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Cambro 92CW135 Camwear 1/9 Size Clear Food Pan...

SAR 33
Built to withstand temperatures from -40 to 98 degrees Celsius Use it to store, transport, and serve all from the same pan the clear complexion offers an easy-to-see option
Countertop Warmers and Display Cases

Hupfer USTH/57-28 Plate Heater

SAR 11,643
Free Shipping
Made of  high-quality Stainless Steel Equipped with a push handle and corner bumpers made from high-quality plastic for optimum protection while moving  4 plastic swivel casters, 2 with brakes  For round and rectangular crockery. length up to 280 mm, also suitable for smaller pieces Capacity without lid up to 510 pieces, capacity with lid up to 615...


SAR 30 - SAR 11,650

Delivery and Storage

If you operate a restaurant, cafe, hotel, or any other food service business, it is very important to keep your food products and ingredients well-organized, sanitary, and ready to transport. We have a wide selection of storage shelves, bins, cabinets, and racks to maintain easy access and organization. You can keep your foods sealed in proper food storage containers to preserve freshness and taste, keep ingredients separated and sanitary, and ready for transport. We also carry food transport equipment, carts, trucks, and dollies, making it easier for you to rearrange heavy produce and stock, as well as helping your staff deliver multiple meals at a time

Buy Storage Cabinets in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
Buy Storage Cabinets in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
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