Cooktek MC3502F Standard Double Countertop Induction Cooktop

Cooktek Cooktek


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Cooktek MC3502F Standard Double Countertop Induction Cooktop

Cooktek Cooktek


New product

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  • 30°C - 260°C temperature settings.
  • Simple, familiar-feel control via a single rotary knob and one button.
  • Crisp, clean, red LED display displays power level or temperature.
  • Dramatically faster than gas.
  • Safer. No flames, hot coil
  • Cooler. No flame or radiant heat means a much cooler cooking environment.
  • More economical. Induction cooking is over 90% more efficient than gas and electric.

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Induction cookers are far more efficient way of cooking when compared to traditional cookers that use gas and electricity. Induction cooking can boil six cups of water in just three minutes. You should not miss out on having that kind of efficiency in your establishment. Think about getting the Stander Two Induction Burner Front to help the operations of your business. Here are some of the features of this product from CookTek:

  • The unit is almost two times more powerful than the electric burner that’s available in the market.

  • It uses the same kind of plug as traditional electric cookers.

  • It offers precise heating control for outstanding cooking results.

  • Because there are no flames or hot surfaces it can provide safe and portable cooking

  • The unit has a 30°C–260°C temperature range.

  • You get even heat distribution throughout the bottom of the unit.

CookTek is one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to induction cookers.

About CookTek

CookTek was founded in 1994 and in that relatively short period, it has managed to become a trusted brand. It is a leader and innovator in the design and manufacturer of equipment for induction cooking heating for restaurants and other commercial establishments.


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