Pitco SE14T-D-S Electric Twin Solstice Fryer

Pitco Pitco


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Pitco SE14T-D-S Electric Twin Solstice Fryer Expand

Pitco SE14T-D-S Electric Twin Solstice Fryer

Pitco Pitco


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  • twin tanks
  • heavy duty floor model
  • (2) 20 - 25 lb. oil capacity per tank
  • digital control with countdown timer
  • melt cycle
  • boil out capacity
  • drain valve interlock switch
  • stainless steel tanks
  • front
  • sides
  • Included with the unit

    Two nickel-plated, wire mesh baskets

    1 nickel-plated tube rack

    1 drain line clean-out rod

    1 drain nipple

    Built-in heat deflector

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Are you looking for a high production fryer which you can rely on in your establishment? The Pitco SE14T-D-S Electric Twin Solstice fryer was designed to meet the demands of a busy food establishment. Here are some of the features of this fryer which are worth noting:

  • The heating elements Solstice Electric fryers are fixed, which helps in making it more energy efficient than other comparable models. They also boast of 96% to 98% thermal efficiency, which means you can get the more out of it with less energy consumption.

  • The SE14T-D-S Electric Twin Solstice fryer has a Digital Control, Countdown Timer with Alarm Cook Time and Temperature Setting. It also has an easy to use “touch on/touch off” 2 product buttons. It has a simple programming which speeds up the process in a busy kitchen. The unit also has backup SSTC (Solid State) control option.

  • The stainless steel construction of the tank ensures durability and ease of cleaning.

  • The heating contractors of the SE14T-D-S Electric Twin Solstice fryer are all mercury free which makes it safer to use.

  • The unit is equipped with high-temperature safety limit switch which will automatically turn off the fryer once the set high temperature is reached.

  • It also has a drain valve interlock safety switch which ensures that the unit cannot be turned on while oil is being drained. This switch is helpful in preventing accidental fires from happening.

  • The basket hanger of the unit is removable without the need for any additional tools.

  • It also comes with a fryer cleaning brush which was specifically designed for cleaning this model.

  • For fast draining, the unit has a 3.2 cm port drain valve.

  • The 22.9 cm adjustable legs of the unit also makes it a lot easier to clean the fryer.

  • The drain line clean out rod is also a standard feature for the unit, which helps in speeding up the cleaning process of the dryer.

With all these features of the SE14T-D-S Electric Twin Solstice fryer and other additional options which are available, it can be the ideal fryer for use in your establishment. The Pitco brand alone should be enough assurance that you will be getting high quality and reliability with this fryer.

Data sheet

Electricity380V/3 phase
Frequency (Hz)50, 60
Oil Capacity (liter)22
Number of Wells1
Split WellYes
Fryer ControlDigital
Cooking Area (cm)35.5 x 35.5
Fryer TypeElectric
Fryer OrientationFloor Fryer
Built-In Oil FilterNo



Pitco Frialator, Inc. is a global provider of kitchen equipment for professional fryers. Pitco was established in 1981 by J.C. Pitman. 

Pitco produces and distributes water cookers, pasta cookers, oil filtration systems, and different types of fryers to the foodservice sector worldwide. The company’s product lines also include gas, electric, ROV, rack, and donut fryers, easy-to-carry filters and oil disposal supports, pasta cookers and rethermalizers.

For over a decade, Pitco has manufactured handy equipment to provide the best in fried foods. It has been recognized as an industry leader in design, research, and providing innovative frying concepts.

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Best in class
Salman A. on 01/25/2017this is truly a great deepfryer. Ezey to maintain and it preform flawlessly day in and day out. This websit made it really simple to buy for the resturant speahally if your busniess not in one of the big sites.