Pitco 35C + S Floor Model Gas Fryer

Pitco Pitco


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Pitco 35C + S Floor Model Gas Fryer Expand

Pitco 35C + S Floor Model Gas Fryer

Pitco Pitco


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  • Long-lasting, high-temperature alloy stainless steel heat baffles
  • Standing pilot light design provides a ready flame when heat is required
  • Thermostat maintains selected temperature automatically between 200°F (93°C) and 400°F (190°C)
  • Removable basket hanger for easy cleaning
  • Temperature limit switch safely shuts off all gas flow if the fryer temperature exceeds the limit.
  • Made in America

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The Pitco 35C+S is a free-standing, stand-alone fryer with a welded tank. Its smooth surface finish ensures easy cleaning. This fryer is made under the Pitco tradition of innovation and high quality. These are some of the features and details of the Pitco 35C+S:

  • The Pitco 35C+S is able to hold up to 18.14 kgs. (40 lbs.) of oil and cook up to 28.58 kgs. (63 lbs.) of food per hour.

  • With its small footprint design and yet large cooking capacity, the Pitco 35C+S is ideal for kitchens with limited spaces.

  • The Pitco 35C+S has a temperature range of 93 to 204  °C, it also comes with the cool zone which is quite deep. The wide temperature range and the deep cool zone makes it perfect for cooking heavily breaded food without any danger of the oil quality being affected by crumbs.

  • For safety and efficiency, the Pitco 35C+S is made with an integrated gas control valve.

  • The heat baffles of the unit are made from high-quality stainless steel which will provide combustion with the highest efficiency possible.

  • The fryer tank is made from stainless steel with a very smooth finish which makes cleaning it very easy.

  • It comes with an 11⁄4-inch NPT drain valve located at the front and a drain extension which makes it easy to drain the unit.

  • The clean-out rod will ensure all crumbs will be removed from the fryer.

  • It has mercury free relays making it safe for the environment.

  • All the crucial components of the Pitco 35C+S is accessible from the front. Even the heating element can be accessed from the front of the unit. This makes servicing and maintenance easier.

  • The unit has a fixed element design which reduces the risk of oil migration through parts.

The Pitco 35C+S is a well-designed fryer ideal for any commercial setting. It’s heavy duty, efficient and easy to clean and maintain.

Data sheet

Oil Capacity (liter)16
Number of Wells1
Split WellNo
Fryer ControlAnalog
Fryer TypeGas
Fryer OrientationFloor Fryer
Built-In Oil FilterNo



Pitco Frialator, Inc. is a global provider of kitchen equipment for professional fryers. Pitco was established in 1981 by J.C. Pitman. 

Pitco produces and distributes water cookers, pasta cookers, oil filtration systems, and different types of fryers to the foodservice sector worldwide. The company’s product lines also include gas, electric, ROV, rack, and donut fryers, easy-to-carry filters and oil disposal supports, pasta cookers and rethermalizers.

For over a decade, Pitco has manufactured handy equipment to provide the best in fried foods. It has been recognized as an industry leader in design, research, and providing innovative frying concepts.

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