Victoria Arduino MDJ and Qava Bundle

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The Qava Compact Volumetric 2 Group is the solution for establishments with limited working spaces. Though compact like the appia , it can still deliver excellent results with the patented extraction system used in it. It uses the Soft Infusion System, has a 7.5 Liter boiler capacity, 2 raised groupheads, and a direct water line connection.

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"Perfect extraction - any time, any place"
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The compact design like appia - The Qava Compact Volumetric 2 Group is ideal for locations with limited space. It can be used in coffee shops, restaurants, and coffee corners.

Soft Infusion System - The Qava Machine also boasts of superior extraction results because of the Soft Infusion System (SIS).

Performance under control - Although small in size, the unit cannot be left behind when it comes to performance, especially with the easy to use push-pull control that comes with the steam wands that makes steaming a breeze.

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  • This compact espresso maker has a boiler capacity of 7.5 Liters.
  • It is equipped with a pressure gauge and a safety valve.
  • It comes with 2 groupheads, both of which are thermo-compensated.
  • The groupheads are also raised which means that the user can place larger cups directly under.
  • The unit also has a direct water line connection. This means there is no risk of damaging the motor because of an empty tank.
  • Product dimensions: 550 mm x 545 mm 530 mm
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It’s also worth mentioning that this equipment is made for Qava by Nuova Simonelli, which is a leading manufacturer of espresso machines in the world.
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Data sheet

Electricity220V/1 phase
Frequency (Hz)50, 60
  • LCD Display allowing the full control of the mode of dispensing and time in (0.1 seconds)
  • 75 mm High-Quality Steel Burrs
  • Italian Made High-Quality Chrome Body

Victoria Arduino MDJ on Demand Coffee Grinder

Are you looking for a powerful coffee grinder that can also stay silent? The Victoria Arduino MDJ on Demand Coffee Grinder is the machine that you are looking for. Here are some of its features:

  • The MDJ on Demand Coffee Grinder comes with a Coffee Counter that allows you to keep track of your day, or at the number of shots dispensed by the machine.

  • The unit comes with a Stepless Grind Setting which makes it easy for you to find the right grind with the easy-to-use adjustment knob.

  • The MDJ on Demand Coffee Grinder is also hands-free. You can rest your portafilter in the adjustable holder which allows you to do other tasks.

  • The Stealth Mode of the unit dampens the noise while allowing the device to perform high-speed grinding.

  • You can use the two programmable dosing options of the unit.

  • It comes with an LCD Display which allows you to watch the animated coffee cup be filled while your coffee is being dispensed.

  • The Stop Gate allows you to remove the hopper while there are still beans inside it.

  • It comes with 75 mm high-quality steel burrs while its case is made from aluminum.

  • Product dimensions: 215.9 mm x 292.1 mm x 609.6 mm

The MDJ on Demand Coffee Grinder comes with a Coffee Counter,  Stepless Grind Setting, and an adjustable holder for the portafilter. It also has a Stealth Mode, programmable dosing options, and LCD Display. The unit also comes with Stop Gate.

Get the MDJ on Demand Coffee Grinder, the latest addition to Victoria Arduino’s line of professional grinders.

Data sheet

Electricity220V/1 phase
Frequency (Hz)60
Power (W)575