The Appia II Volumetric 2 Group Compact and MDX On Demand Pack

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Pack content

  • SIS (Soft Infusion System)
  • Suitable for Small/Medium Cafes and Food Trucks
  • Volumetric Control with an 11 Liter Boiler Capacity

  • The unit is equipped with the Soft Infusion System (SIS). This system guarantees a perfect extraction each and every time the machine is used.

  • The Appia II Compact Volumetric 2 Group has intuitive and push button controls. The controls are also ergonomically designed for easy use. The buttons are placed right above the grouphead.

  • The groupheads of the unit are also thermo-compensated. It is equipped with two groupheads which are both thermo-compensated.

  • The Appia II Compact Volumetric 2 Group has a boiler capacity of 11 liters. This should be more than enough for most establishments.

  • The group heads of the unit are raised which means you can use larger cups with the machine. Other espresso machines have group heads which are placed low which means you have to use a shot glass or cups for espresso.

  • One of the features of the Appia II Compact Volumetric 2 Group which really gives it an advantage over those from other brands is its direct water line connection. Direct plumbing line means less work and also less mess.

  • It comes with two complete 58mm portafilters and a powerful commercial rotary pump which will never let you down.

  • The unit has a work surface which supports low cup or tall glass.

The Appia II Compact Volumetric 2 Group is also easy to clean and maintain. It’s going to be a huge benefit to your establishment. It’s also important to remember that it’s made by Nuova Simonelli, a leading espresso machine maker.

Data sheet

Frequency (Hz)50, 60
  • Grinding Disc: 65 mm Special Steel 
  • LCD Multifunctional Display with a shot counter
  • Stepless Micrometric Grind Setting
  • 1.2 Kg Hopper with "Stop Gate" 
  • Equipped with Timed Programmable Dosing, manual mode, and fully locked mode
  • Easy to clean
  • Die-cast Aluminum Body
  • Portafilter Holder

Product Description

  • The Nuova Simonelli MDX is ideal for establishments with a medium volume of sales, whether these are coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels. It can help in ensuring the quality of the coffee drinks that will be served.

  • The unit comes equipped with a transparent hopper that has a 1.2 kg capacity. That should be enough for most establishments.

  • The Nuova Simonelli MDX comes equipped with stainless steel burrs which remain sharp and ensure that you get the same kind of grinds with each dose. These burrs are also easy to clean.

  • The control panel of the Nuova Simonelli MDX is designed for easy use and is made to be intuitive. Paired with a multifunction LCD display and LED lights, using the unit is guaranteed to be an easy undertaking.

  • With the micrometric grinding regulation, you can get the right setting for the kind of coffee which you want to make.

  • The unit also comes with a convenient portafilter hook, giving you hands-free operation.

You should never use a grinder that has not been designed for commercial use in your business. Always rely on machines which have been specifically designed to handle the heavy use in a commercial setting, especially when it comes to equipment with moving parts like coffee grinders. It’s better to use Nuova Simonelli MDX than to try your luck with lesser known brands.

Data sheet

Electricity220V/1 phase