Marco Uber Boiler

Marco Marco

Uber Boiler

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Marco Uber Boiler

Marco Marco

Uber Boiler

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  • 5.6 Liter immediate draw off 
  • 28 Liter of output water / hour
  • 156 Cups / hour (180 mL)
  • Built in scale, water drain, and timer
  • Joystick for directional water flow control

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Marco Uber Boiler Description


  • Incredible temperature accuracy
  • Unparalleled temperature stability
  • Undercounter design; minimal obstruction between barista and customer
  • Comprehensive barista interface for everything needed for the manual brew
  • No kettles needed!
  • Accommodates all types of manual brew methods
  • Great for coffee cuppings

If you have the choice, you would go for the best equipment for your foodservice business all the time. That includes the equipment for meeting the hot water requirements of your establishment. With the Marco Uber Boiler, the best equipment for your need is within your reach. Here are some of its features:


  • The Marco Uber Boiler incorporates water drain, weighing scales, high precision temperature delivery, and timer to provide a modern hot water solution.

  • The unit is  0.1°C accurate, which is something that you cannot get with other similar devices.

  • The Uber Boiler uses the patented APLogic™ software, making it a smart device.

  • The variable manual control flow rate gives you more control.

  • Has an easy to use joystick for directional flow.

  • This is ideal for use when it comes to high precision applications.

  • Product dimension: 470mm x 250mm x 400mm

  • Tap to Tray: 246 mm
  • Can be used for all types of manual brewing methods.

  • Its under-counter design means less obstruction between the customer and the barista.



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Electricity220V/1 phase


Marco is a leading Irish brand that provides hot water solutions and brewers to foodservice businesses in many countries. They seek to provide excellent and reliable services to their customers by creating products which are durable and reliable. Their clients include some of the biggest names in the foodservice industry, which goes to show how much trust they have won.