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Lincat Eb6F

  • Requires permanent mains water connection.
  • Built in protection against boiling dry.
  • Includes drip tray.
  • Easy to clean and descale.
  • Rapid heat up - no priming required.
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Marco Ecoboiler UC4 Water Boiler

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Marco Ecoboiler UC4 Water Boiler

Marco Ecoboiler UC4 Water Boiler

  • 4 Liters Rapid Draw
  • Output: 24 Liters / Hour
  • 133 Cups / Hour
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  • 4 Liters Rapid Draw
  • Output: 24 Liters / Hour
  • 133 Cups / Hour

More Info About Product

Marco Ecoboiler UC4 Water Boiler Description

A commercial kitchen is always going to be in need of a reliable source of hot water. While there are plenty of solutions for this, it can be more complicated when you have limited space. This is why the Marco Ecoboiler UC4 Water Boiler, will be a major asset for a kitchen which does not have a lot of space to spare. Learn more about the features of this boiler:

  • The Ecoboiler UC4 Water Boiler is designed to be an energy efficient water boiler. It’s designed so as not to increase the energy consumption in your kitchen.

  • The compact footprint of the unit means that it is perfect for use in establishment where space is at a premium.

  • The unit can provide 4 liters of rapid draw off and can supply 24 liters of hot water per hour.

  • The Ecoboiler UC4 Water Boiler has a robust constructions derived from the high quality materials used in its manufacture.

  • Ideal for use in restaurant kitchen, hotels, coffee shops, canteens, and stadiums.

  • The modular framework of the unit allows for the connection of either a single font or dual fonts.

  • Product dimensions: 135mm x 394mm x 585mm.

Made by Marco, a leading brand for water boilers, you’re getting guaranteed quality with the Marco Ecoboiler UC4 Water Boiler.

About Marco

Marco is a leading Irish brand that provides hot water solutions, and brewers to foodservice businesses in many countries. They seek to provide excellent and reliable services to their customers by creating products which are durable and reliable. Their clients include some of the biggest names in foodservice industry, which goes to show how much trust they have won.

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