Bunn Soft Heat Black Coffee Server

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Bunn SH SERVER Soft Heat Black Coffee Server Expand

Bunn Soft Heat Black Coffee Server

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  • Remote one & two server docking stations for additional satellite coffee serving
  • Soft Heat® servers supply controlled heat to coffee to maintain flavor and temperature
  • LED power indicator shows server is operational
  • Docking stations have instant power contact with servers

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Bunn SH SERVER Soft Heat Black Coffee Server 

Most of the time, the coffee that you brew is not consumed immediately. This is especially true in the case of large-capacity brewers. You cannot expect a gallon of coffee to be consumed right away. The problem is how to keep that fresh and finding a way to serve it in a convenient and efficient manner. That’s why you should consider getting the SH SERVER Soft Heat Black Coffee Server.

Features of the Bunn SH SERVER Soft Heat Black Coffee Server 

Here are some of the features of this Bunn coffee server:

  • Soft Heat® Servers - This feature ensures that  that the right amount of heat is applied to the coffee to ensure that its flavor is maintained.
  • Server Docking Stations - One and two Docking stations for more coffee serving options. You can place the docking stations in a different location in the room. The stations have instant power contacts with the servers.
  • Soft    Heat® - The Soft Heat® feature ensures that heat is applied consistently and regularly in order to maintain temperature and the flavor of the coffee.
  • LED Indicator - The unit comes equipped with a LED    power    indicator that shows when it is operational.
  • Safety-Fresh® - Safety-Fresh® is a patented brew-through lid that allows you to brew coffee directly into the unit. It can save you a great deal of time. It’s also designed to prevent spills.

Benefits of the Bunn SH SERVER Soft Heat Black Coffee Server

It’s time to list the actual benefits that you can get from using the Soft Heat Black Coffee Server.

  • Convenient - With the two docking stations, coffee serving becomes very convenient with this unit.
  • Safe - Features like the Safety-Fresh®, makes it safe to use the unit. It is designed to prevent spills when brewing directly into the server.
  • Consistent Coffee Quality - When you use the Soft Heat Black Coffee Server the quality of the coffee that you will be serving will be maintained consistently. That’s assured because of the Safety-Fresh® which applies heat steadily to the beverage.




About Bunn

Bunn is one of the leading brand names when it comes to manufacturing dispensed beverage equipment. The company has a long and rich history. It all started over 170 years ago when Jacob Bunn opened a grocery store in Springfield, Illinois. In fact, one of the early customers of the store back then was a fellow named Abraham Lincoln.

Through the years, the enterprise grew and became known as the Bunn Capitol Wholesale Grocery Company and was soon managed by George R. Bunn. Call it a stroke of genius or a visionary move, but George found a newer and faster way of brewing quality coffee. He was simply dissatisfied with the old method.

George founded the beverage equipment division for the company in the late 1950s and in 1963, the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation was incorporated.

Here are some of the milestones for the company:

  • The Founding - In the mid 1950s George R. Bunn starts a company division that’s dedicated to the coffee brewing process.

  • Flat Bottom Coffee Filter - George R. Bunn is also credited with coming up with the world’s first flat bottom coffee filter.

  • Expansion - It was also during the 1950s that the company started to expand its product line to include brewing equipment.

  • Incorporation - In 1963, the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation was incorporated as a separate entity from the Bunn Capitol Wholesale Grocery Company.

  • Model X - The Model X commercial coffee brewer was introduced in the 1960s. This commercial brewer became the foundation upon which the philosophy of the company has been founded. That philosophy is to make brewing quality coffee as simple as possible.

  • Brewer/Grinder - In the 1990s, Bunn introduced the brewer/grinder electronic interface which paved the way for the development of digital brewing systems in the future.

  • Infusion Series® - In the 2000s, the Infusion Series® was patented which combined the best tea and coffee brewing systems into a single machine. 

Those are just a few of the milestones that the Bunn  brand has gone through the years. Today, Bunn is a global brand that is trusted and used by homebrewers and commercial establishments.