Mahlkonig VTA 6S shop grinder

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Mahlkonig VTA 6S shop grinder Expand

Mahlkonig VTA 6S shop grinder

Mahlkonig Mahlkonig


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  • Superb coffee quality because of extra fine and homogeneous grinding – as well for espresso and Turkish quality
  • Cool grinding due to integrated motor cooling or additional ventilation as an option
  • Fast removable upper part allows easy cleaning
  • High speed and reliable grinding up to 2750 g per minute
  • Raised outlet height and ventilation
  • Large hopper

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Mahlkonig VTA 6S Shop Grinder Description


Some owners of foodservice businesses think that they can use the same kitchen equipment which are meant for homes in their commercial kitchen. It’s a huge mistake to believe that because residential  kitchen equipment are not made to the same standards as commercial ones. Take a grinder for example. A grinder that’s made for home use is not as sturdy and rugged as one that’s made for use in a commercial setting. The Mahlkonig VTA 6S Shop Grinder is an excellent example of a grinder that’s designed and made for a commercial setting. Here are some of the features of this model:


  • The VTA 6S Shop Grinder is the top grinder model from Mahlkonig, it offers a classical coffee grinder design which will be an asset in any kitchen.

  • The unit has a unique high capacity for grinding which is perfect for busy establishments.

  • It can grind unusually fast with consistently fine results which is perfect for a business that serves coffee.

  • The VTA 6S Shop Grinder can stay cool when used and it is also designed to be very quiet so it won’t be disruptive.

  • It comes with a shaker device and bag holder with integrated switch and a built-in cleaner for residual coffee which means that it’s easy to use and would not create a mess.

  • The hopper has a capacity of  0.98 kg.

  • The unit offers a grinding speed which can produce 1.41- 1.59 kg/min

  • It’s equipped with a motor rated at 11 amps/1 3/4 hp and comes with grinding disc diameter- 120 mm.

  • The unit is designed to be  easy to clean and maintain. This would free you to do other more important tasks.


These are the features of the Mahlkonig VTA 6S Shop Grinder. If you want your business to become efficient and profitable, you need pieces of equipment like this grinder from Mahlkonig.


About Mahlkonig


Mahlkonig has been making graters and grinders for professional use for over 80  years now. The brand is known for making high quality and dependable products while using the latest technology and handcrafting skills. Mahlkonig continues to introduce products with new developments, maintaining the brand’s popularity with coffee experts all over the world.




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Electricity220V/3 phase