Mahlkonig EK 43T Coffee Grinder for Turkish Coffee

Mahlkonig Mahlkonig


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Mahlkonig EK 43 Coffee Grinder Expand

Mahlkonig EK 43T Coffee Grinder for Turkish Coffee

Mahlkonig Mahlkonig


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For some coffee aficionados, the Turkish way of brewing coffee is one of the best in the world. Aside from being one of the best coffee brewing methods, it is also one of the oldest. This means the process has gone through a great deal of development.

This is a perfect for (Fine Grind setting) is designed for Turkish or Espresso.

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  • The best thing about the  EK43T is the uniformity of the grind which it can produce. All espresso grinders have bimodal particle distribution. This refers to the fact that the grounds they produce are made up of primarily two sizes of particles. The EK43T is no different, but the difference between the two particle sizes it produces is less than other grinders, which results in a seemingly more even ground results. A more even grind means a higher extraction yield, which in turn means better flavor for drinks.

  • These models are designed for easy use. One of the major improvements with these units is how there is no longer any need to hold the bag during the grinding process. The bags can be clamped to the bag holder. This may seem like a simple feature, but when you start using the unit, you can appreciate how useful it is.

  • The hoppers of the unit can be locked with a slide plate. This makes it easy to switch to different hoppers. The hoppers are also larger than others to make the grinding of larger volumes possible.

  • These grinders can be used for grinding foods other than coffee like seeds, spices, and poppy seeds.

  • The combined selection makes the operation of these units as easy as possible.

These are the features which you can get from the Mahlkonig EK43T coffee grinder. This grinder is specifically meant for Turkish coffee which requires fine grounds.

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Not that Consistent
Sarah A. on 08/04/2018for black coffee its not consistent , for Turkish it's great .
تجربة شراء هذه الطاحونة
Anas A. on 09/15/2017وصلت الطاحونة خلال ٣ ايام من عملية الشراء ومن تجربة مبدئية الطاحونة ذات التروس التركية تعطي نتائج ممتازة مع الاسبريسو
شكراً اكويب
salah a. on 05/27/2017طاحونة غنية عن التعريف ، ولكن المميز هنا أيضاً، تعامل اكويب الرائع، وسرعة الانجاز .
Single dosing
Nasir A. on 02/21/2017I use this for espresso single dosing, results are amazing