Bunn G3A Bulk Coffee Grinder

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Bunn G3A Bulk Coffee Grinder

Bunn Bunn


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  • Flat Steel Grinding Disc
  • Single 1.36kg hopper
  • Grinds 1/2 Kg in less than 30 seconds
  • Safety switch prevents operation if the bag isn't fitted correctly
  • Heavy-duty and reliable burrs
  • Turbo action grinding process

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Bunn G3A Bulk Coffee Grinder

When buying a coffee equipment like a coffee brewer, it is always best to go with the best-known brands, like those that have solid reputations like Bunn. Their Bunn G3A Bulk Coffee Grinder demonstrates why the company is trusted by customers in many countries:

Features of the Bunn G3A Bulk Coffee Grinder

If you are shopping for a coffee grinder that is powerful and has a large output capacity, then the G3A Bulk Coffee Grinder is going to be the smart choice. Here are some of the features of this machine:

  • Hopper - The single hopper of the unit can hold up to 1.36 Kg of fresh beans. 
  • Turbo Action - The G3A grinder has a turbo action that can draw the beans down to the grind chamber. This helps the efficiency of the machine. 
  • Cleaning Lever - Cleaning a grinder right after using it can be a long and troublesome process, but with the cleaning lever of the G3A you can be sure to get all the coffee out. 
  • Bag Switch - The unit also comes with a bag switch. The simple features ensures that the motor is switched off when the bag is removed. 
  • Precision Burrs - The unit is equipped with precision burrs that can handle heavy usage while coming up with consistent grind quality.

Benefits of the Bunn G3A Bulk Coffee Grinder

The features of the G3A grinder can translate to the following benefits:

  • Lots of Coffee - With a hopper that can handle 1.36 Kg of beans you can grind a lot of coffee beans fast. 
  • Wide Selection of Grinds - A lot depends on the quality of the grind that you get. For example, the quality of the beverage that you will get will depend on that. With the precision burrs of the G3A grinder, you can get quality grind whenever you use it, no matter what selection you choose. 
  • Convenient - Features like the cleaning lever, make the unit a very convenient addition to your coffee set. 
  • Fast - With a powerful motor and heavy duty burrs, the G3A can produce quality grinds in no time at all.

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Frequency (Hz)50, 60



Bunn can trace its origins to a grocery store in mid-19th century Illinois. From such a humble beginning, the brand has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturer of beverage equipment. The Bunn-O-Matic Corporation has been coming up with innovations in the beverage equipment industry since 1957. The company has moved from focusing on coffee to offering equipment for tea, espresso,  juice, filtered water, granita, and other specialty beverages.