Pullman Nexus Pro Tamper White

Pullman Nexus Pro  tamper, black

Pullman Nexus Pro Tamper White

  • 431 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Tamper 58.55 mm diameter
  • White Handle

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  • 431 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Tamper 58.55 mm diameter
  • White Handle

More Info About Product

Pullman Nexus Pro Tamper (Black) Description

Here are just a few of its features:

  • The Nexus Pro Tamper follows the same idea as the BigStep, which is another tamper from Pullman. It uses precise manufacturing in order to come up with an effective surface for tamping.

  • The tamping surface of the Nexus Pro Tamper is larger than the industry standard.

  • It has a 58.50 mm diameter and has a razor sharp edge.

  • It is designed to be used with the Pullman Filtration or VST baskets.

  • It covers 99.5% of the basket for better results.

  • Made from high quality 431 stainless steel.

  • It has a tapered side that reduces the vacuum effect which is a problem with other large tampers.

When it comes to tampers, you should trust a name like Pullman.

About Pullman

Pullman has been making espresso accessories since 2002. The Australian company uses local materials and uses the most stringent standards when it comes to their products. They take pride in making high quality products that cater to the ever-evolving coffee market of today.

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