Pullman Coffee Distributor

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Pullman coffee distrbutor

Pullman Coffee Distributor

  • Chisel shape
  • 58.4 mm Diameter
  • Adjustable depth of 7mm-14mm
  • Made in Australia
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  • Chisel shape
  • 58.4 mm Diameter
  • Adjustable depth of 7mm-14mm
  • Made in Australia

More Info About Product

Pullman Coffee Distributor Description

Sometimes, it could be the small things that can really make the difference. In making espresso for example, a simple tool like Pullman’s Coffee Distrbutor can help to make your espresso shots more consistent. Here are some of the features of this useful accessory:

  • Make the distribution of coffee in the upper portion of your coffee puck fast and easy.

  • The chisel shape means minimal compaction. It also redistributes the grounds laterally.

  • It has an adjustable depth of 7 mm to 14 mm.

  • It will fit most commercial baskets. The piston is 58.4 mm in diameter.

  • The quick-adjust feature makes it easy for users to make tweaks when needed.

  • This product is made in Australia.

Ensure that you will have consistently good espresso shots with the help of the Pullman Coffee Distrbutor.

About Pullman

Pullman has been making espresso accessories since 2002. The Australian company uses local materials and uses the most stringent standards when it comes to their products. They take pride in making high quality products that cater to the ever-evolving coffee market of today.

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