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Miran SS Barista Station Medium Model Miran SS Barista Station Medium Model 2
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Stainless Steel Barista Station

Miran Stainless Steel Barista Station Medium Model

SAR 13,636 SAR 11,590 Free Shipping
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Made of Stainless steel 304 Dimensions: L 2400 X W 850 X H 900 mm Manufactured upon request (5-7 business days)
Coffee Scales

Hario VST-2000B Drip Scale

SCALE - 2000G
SAR 333 Free Shipping
Hario scale measures in 0.1 gram increments Includes a drip timer for perfect bloom times and pours each time Auto power off in 5 minutes (Not activated when the timer is on) Integrated timer for complete and total control of your brewing
Cleaning Products

Espazzola Grouphead Cleaning Tool

SAR 163
Designed for cleaning 58-60 mm group heads Made of silicone and BPA-free plastic Uses the hot water of the espresso machine for the cleaning process Can be used without any detergent Dishwasher safe.
Coffee Scales

Acaia Pearl Scale

SAR 797 Free Shipping
Fast Accurate & Sensitive Stabilization Timer Automated auto-off customization Rechargeable USB power supply
Stainless Steel Barista Station

Miran Stainless Steel Knockbox

SAR 443 Free Shipping
Made of stainless steel Superior build quality  Dispenses all of your coffee pucks Customized Dimensions available 

Fetco Paper Filters, 15" x 5 1/2", 500 Pieces

SAR 219
Dimentions (15" x 5 1/2") 500 Count For use with Fetco Coffee Brewers: CBS-11H & 12H (standard size basket) CBS-21H CBS-2051 & 2052 CBS-2051e & 2052e CBS-2151 CBS-2152 CBS-51H10 (optional larger size basket) CBS-51H15, 52H15, 52H20 (standard size) TBS-21A For use with Bunn Coffee Brewers: System III (System 3)
Tamping Mat

Motta Angular Flap Tamping Matt

SAR 87
Useful tamping mat protects the worktop and guarantees more stability and cleanness while tamping The angular flap allows you to place the mat at the end of the counter Dimensions 19cm x 15cm x 1.5cm Made in Italy
Tamping Mat

DVG Flat Tamping Mat

SAR 57
Made in Italy.  Useful tamping mat protects the worktop and guarantees more stability and cleanness while tamping.  Dimensions: 19cm x 15cm
Milk Pitchers

DVG Stainless Steel Latte Art Pen

SAR 39
Latte art pen with spoon and spike. Create your own perfect & precise latte art designs and patterns Made from solid food grade aluminum. Fine-tipped pen in polished aluminum - the perfect tool for coffee art.
Other Coffee Accessories

Espresso Supply Stainless Steel Round Whisk

Espresso Supply
SAR 46
The long whisk is an excellent tool for tall drink preparation. The extra long handle makes mixing powders and syrups a cinch Total Length: 10.5in. / 26.7cm Handle Length: 6.75in. / 17cm Stainless steel

Push Adjustable Depth Tamper

Clockwork Espresso
SAR 787 Free Shipping
58.50mm Hardened stainless steel base, coated with a unique ultra non-stick hard coating Anodised aerospace-grade aluminum handle Stepless adjustment, accurate to 0.05mm This fits all precision baskets (VST, IMS, Strada etc) and all portafilters/baskets described as '58mm' Made entirely in Great Britain
Shot glasses

Espresso Supply 02169 Logo Shot Glass 56 ml

Espresso Supply
SAR 35
The two ounce Logo Shot Glass from Espresso Supply features heavy-weight glass making it less likely to chip or break Increased insulation against heat from freshly pulled espresso shots The glass proudly displays the Espresso Supply logo in addition to having graduated marks in both ounces and milliliters Ounces are marked every one-quarter ounce...

DVG Bottomless Portafilter for La Marzocco

SAR 158
58mm portafilter Inclined Plastic Handle Suitable for: La Marzocco, Faema, Brasilia B61, Aurora-Brugnetti, Futurmat incompatible with Nuova Simonelli Easy to Clean

Coffee Makers

Every food-related venture needs a coffee machine, whether it's an espresso machine or a coffee brewer. Not just any machine - a good coffee maker can either make or break the customer experience when your clients order their coffee after their meal. And like with most things on the market the brand and price are usually a good indication of the commercial coffee maker's quality and service.

We offer only the best and proven equipment, our brands include La Marzocco, Italian coffee makers Nuova Simonelli and Bunn coffee brewers among others.

Buy Accessories in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
Buy Accessories in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
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