Omega MMV702S Juicer

Omega Omega


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Omega MMV702S Juicer Expand

Omega MMV702S Juicer

Omega Omega


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  • Low Speed,60 RPM Rotation Speed
  • 3 in (7.6cm) Feed Chute amkes the juicing process quicker, simpler and more convenient
  • Smart Cap helps keep juice inside the juicer when needed, instead of dripping on countertops
  • Rotary Cleaning Swipe Screen helps keep the juicer running at maximum efficiency
  • Automatic Reset System

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A juicer can be a valuable asset for a foodservice business like a restaurant or a catering service provider. There are many brands out there which offer this kind of equipment but the only one which has earned a high level of trust among consumers and that is Omega. Their MMV702S Juicer demonstrates why the brand is known in numerous countries as the number one juicer maker. Here are some of its features:

  • The unit comes with a 76 mm wide feeding tube. It’s actually the biggest in its class. It can handle whole oranges and apples. This means less time will have to be spent cutting fruits and vegetables.

  • It’s equipped with a 240 watt brushless AC motor which should provide adequate torque. It allows the MegaMouth juicer to crush produce quickly.

  • It operates at a gentle 60 rpm, the MMV-702 can extract the most juice from fruits and vegetables. It can also ensure the highest levels of vitamins and enzymes will be included in the juice.

  • The unit comes with a homogenizing screen. You can make your own homemade nut butter, sorbets, and even baby foods.

  • It’s guaranteed to provide easy cleanup. It has an integrated set of wiping blades which will constantly clean the juicing screen during operation, making cleanup fast and easy. The juicing screen cleaning tool helps to get rid of any leftover pulp.

  • The brushless motor provides more power, it also means quiet operation. You can juice anytime without generating too much noise.

Need a juicer that you can rely on? The MMV702S Juicer is going to be a good choice which you won’t regret. First of all, it’s made by one of the most trusted brands and then it’s filled with features, some of which we have listed here.

Data sheet

Electricity220V/1 phase
Frequency (Hz)60

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cool juicer
Mohammed a. on 07/14/2017excellent juicer makes you creative and wanna make new and different mixes, makes really nice and sweet juice and sorbet
عصاره ممتازه
مصطفى ا. on 07/14/2017وصلت العصاره بسرعه عن طريق ناقل وجربناها مره ممتازه والعصير جربنا نحطه في الثلاجه ثلاثه ايام ماتغير وبسرعه تتنظف وتعصر كل شي
A truly excellent juicer, great value for money
Marcin L. on 05/08/2017This juicer is just spectacular, especially at its price.It seems to be very solid and robust. Finishing and attention to details are at a very high level. I especially like the fact that it comes with many additional accessories. That means that you can make not only juice, but also smoothies, nut butter, and more.The engine is quiet, but powerful enough to go through anything I tried - carrots, apples, oranges, green leaves, the fibery stuff like ginger, and more.Cleaning may be a bit of a hassle initially, but with some practice, it becomes a non-issue.