Omega J8227 Masticating Juicer

Omega Omega


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Omega J8227 Masticating Juicer Expand

Omega J8227 Masticating Juicer

Omega Omega


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  • Low Speed Juicing System
  • High juice yield
  • It has auto pulp-ejection function for continuous juicing
  • There is  no foaming, clogging, or heat build-up
  • Its a dual-stage juicing system with quiet operation
  • Built-In Handle

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Omega J8227 Masticating Juicer

Having a juicer to use in your foodservice business is going to be a huge advantage. If you want to get the most out of it, however, you shouldn’t just go for just any unit that’s available out there. You should get one from a brand that is known for making quality juicers. One such brand is Omega. Their Omega J8227 Masticating Juicer is the unit to go for if you want to serve high quality and nutritious drinks to your customers. Here are the features of this juicer model:


  • The low-speed juicing system of the Omega J8227 ensures that more juice can be extracted out of fruits and that you will get full nutritional value.

  • The unit is designed to provide a high juice yield. This means you will get more out of it compared to other juicers.

  • It comes with an auto pulp-ejection function for continuous juicing. This means you don’t have to stop the unit just to remove the pulp.

  • With the Omega J8227,  there will be no foaming, clogging, or heat build-up. This helps in guaranteeing the quality of the juice you will be getting.

  • It's a dual-stage juicing system but it’s also designed to be very quiet. That’s an advantage in a commercial setting so customers won’t be disturbed by the noise.

  • The built-in handle of the Omega J8227 means that you can move it around with ease. You would not have a hard time transferring it to a different spot.

  • The Omega J8227 can be used extracting juice from fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. It’s a very versatile piece.


If you’re looking for a high-quality juicer, you should go for one from Omega. The company is one of the leading makers of quality juicers in the world. They continuously innovate and come up with new ideas which place their products on the cutting edge.

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Frequency (Hz)50, 60


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Absolutely wonderful
Aisha K. on 07/30/2018I have been wanting to invest in a top of the range juicer for about 5 years now and all the important reviews listed the Omega masticating juicer as number one or two. I have been using this almost every day for 3 weeks and it has definitely increased my consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables. I have saved some very delicious juicing recipes. This juicer works very well indeed the pulp is very dry compared to centrifugal juicers so I feel so much more happier about not wasting so much fruit with this masticating juicer. It feels strong, substantial sturdy and well built. The label on the side of the juicer seems to be peeling off or lifting away from one corner but I just press it down. Clean-up is not half as tiring as the centrifugal juicer i used to use because there are less parts to clean. The plastic chute and hopper (tray) etc is not 'fragile' but made from a stronger sort of plastic. The only suggestions I would make is if the manufacturers could make the chute diameter bigger so that e.g. a whole apple or carrot could be juiced rather than spending time cutting fruit prior to juicing. There are ridges inside the horizontal part where pulp can get stuck or accumulate if missed during hand washing but these parts are also dishwasher safe. I was so pleased with the way this juicer functions and the reviews that I purchased 3 more for my dear siblings and their fussy eating children (via Amazon). My experience with ekuep was AMAZING I ordered one day and it was delivered, in my hands the next morning! I was able to set it up and use it within 15 minutes. The online chat customer service team answered my questions carefully and each one was so attentive. ekuep deserve a "Best Company Customer Service" award. Even the delivery guy was attentive and punctual. My experience shopping with them really was amazing and I will be studying future products and equipment they might have. This juicer is a good investment for health and wellbeing and I wish all families could afford such superior products.
Omega J8227
Cheryl E. on 12/03/2017We are more than delighted with our purchase. It has proven to be everything the write up suggested.