Curtis CBS10000 Combo Coffee / Tea Brewer

Curtis Curtis


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Curtis CBS10000 Combo Coffee / Tea Brewer Expand

Curtis CBS10000 Combo Coffee / Tea Brewer

Curtis Curtis


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  • G3 Universal Control Module – Offers full brewing programmability with unsurpassed reliability. Allows for gourmet fine-tuning with Pulse-Brewing, Pre-Infusion, Fast-Brew, Dual-Batch and other G3 standard features
  • Three Beverage Options – Allows you to brew Coffee, Iced Coffee and Iced Tea from one model
  • Saves Operating Costs – Save mode automatically activates when brewer is idle

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Curtis CBS10000 Combo Coffee / Tea Brewer Description

For a foodservice business, the best kind of equipment is the sort that can be used for more than a single purpose. That’s what the CBS10000 Combo Coffee/Tea Brewer has to offer. This brewer can be used for both coffee and tea, making it a versatile piece of equipment. Here are its features:

  • The G3 Universal Control Module offers full programmability for the brewing while still being wholly reliable.

  • You can use the CBS10000 for brewing three kinds of beverage; coffee, iced coffee, and tea.

  • The unit offers dual batch option. You can get full or half brew for the beverage of your choice.

  • The  Intuitive Scroll-Through Precision Programming of the unit will let you see the functions right away and with precision.

  • The save feature of the of the unit will allow you to save on operating costs.

  • The on-board diagnostics of the unit will help to reduce the downtime and help you to save on money.

  • The unit is easy to maintain and clean, making it a real asset in a commercial setting.

Because the CBS10000 brewer is made by Curtis, you’re already getting a guarantee that it is of high quality. Curtis is a name trusted by foodservice professionals all over the world.

About Curtis

Curtis has long been synonymous with high quality coffee  and iced tea brewing equipment. The company was founded in 1941 and it has remained to be a family-owned business. It has always stuck to personal loyalty, high quality workmanship, and family values when it comes to making its products and in dealing with its customers.