Cafetto Tevo Mini Tablets


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Cafetto Tevo Mini Tablets


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  • cleaning tablets for superautomatic and manual machines
  • 0.05oz/1.5 gram size - 60 per jar
  • tablet dimensions are 4mmx 16mm and 1.5gram
  • OMRI approved

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Cafetto Tevo Mini Tablets Description

Tevo is the first espresso machine cleaning tablet in the world to have been certified as wholly organic. Why is that important? That means the ingredients used for making this product are all-natural. While effective when it comes to cleaning, it will not be too harsh on the equipment where it will be used and will not cause any negative effects on the customers who will be drinking the coffee made on the espresso machines that were cleaned with it.

  • The Tevo Mini Tablets are made for cleaning superautomatic and manual machines

  • Each jar contains 60 pieces of 1.5gram tablets

  • Dimensions of the tablet: 4mm x 16mm x 1.5gram

  • The Tevo Mini Tablet is OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approved. OMRI is an international NGO which determines which products will be used for organic processing.

  • Tevo has also been registered by the BFA for use with organic coffee products.

Why use other cleaning products for your espresso machines when you can go for Tevo Mini Tablets from Cafetto. These tablets are not only effective when it comes to cleaning but safe and organic as well.

About Cafetto

Cafetto specializes in manufacturing products for the cleaning and sanitation of espresso machines and other coffee equipment. The company provides innovative solutions to the needs of customers to keep their coffee equipment in top shape all the time. If you want to keep your expensive coffee equipment well-maintained, Cafetto is there to help you out.