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About Chemex

There are a lot of brands that aim to combine form and function when it comes to brewing coffee, but few achieve the ideal, which is flawless combination. One brand that has achieved that is Chemex, and we are very pleased to offer you this brand in Saudi Arabia.

The Chemex coffeemaker is a pour-over style manual coffee maker. It was invented by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm in 1941 and has remained basically unchanged since then. It is made up of a glass flask that has a body like an hourglass and a neck that is shaped like a funnel. It has a wooden collar around the neck which allows users to handle it with ease even when it is filled with hot water. The wooden collar is made up of two pieces that are held together by a leather thong.

Filters made from bonded paper are used, which removes most of the oils that come with the coffee beans, giving the drinks brew from Chemex a distinctive taste that cannot be achieved using other coffeemakers.

The Chemex coffeemaker is considered to a masterpiece in product design. The combination and the contrast of the glass, wood, and the leather materials gives it a modern and yet rustic appeal. Like other Schlumbohm inventions, the Chemex prioritized design over features but that doesn't mean that Chemex isn’t functional. In fact, Chemex is so easy to use and its results are consistently good. That’s why the brand has remained popular even if other coffeemakers from the same era have disappeared.

The excellence of the Chemex design has been recognized by experts and it has been included the Museum of Modern Art’s (New York) collection. Chemex is now a family-owned company that is based in Western Massachusetts. It still continues to sell the same coffeemaker that was designed by Dr. Schlumbohm. If you want a perfect cup of drip filter coffee, just go for Chemex. It is also a favorite coffeemaker among specialty roasters.