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  • AJ. Antunes UF-216 CC Ultra Water Filter
    UF-216 CC (9700407)

    The UF-216CC Series reduces cysts and turbidity that can enter a typical water supply This patented technology is now available to you, sized for your particular application All filter configurations utilize NeoH capillary membranes, providing the latest innovation in reusable surface filtration technology

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  • Antunes VCT-2 Vertical Contact Toaster

    Toasts two buns (heel and crown) simultaneously for increased capacity.  Small footprint saves valuable countertop space.  Toasts product in 15 seconds (±2 seconds).  Digital controller for adjusting toast settings for a variety of different bread products.  Individual heel and crown compression to ensure desired toast quality. Easy maintenance....

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  • Antunes GST-1H Flat Bread Toaster

    Wide-mouth opening to accommodate different products, including tortillas and Arabic bread Digital controller with adjustable settings for the temperature and motor speed Top and bottom high-temperature platens Continuously moving belts allow immediate feeding of product Front load and front return Accommodates products up to 41 cm wide Heated landing...

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  • Antunes MT-12 Muffin Toaster

    Muffin Toaster this unit can toast up to 12 muffin halves in only 90 seconds,  Stainless steel construction  Audible signal and ready light  Internal sensor measures temperature in chamber and adjusts time accordingly  Energy conservation mode reduces power by 75% when chamber is empty  Electric: 230/50-60Hz/1Phase

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  • Antunes ES-600 Egg Station

    Stainless steel construction Audio and visual signal for operation Cook time of 120 to 150 seconds Cooks a maximum of 12 or 6 individual orders of eggs or 2 eight-inch omelets Heats pre-cooked sliced meats on the front portion (ES-600 only) Compact and easy to clean Includes non-stick egg rings

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